24" x 16" cotton and silk fusion, pieced, applique and quilted on domestic

Past Projects​

My first quilt, Let's Go Fishing was... well I wish this particular quilt had not been my first.  That being said, I was happy with the outcome.  To a layperson, the quilt turned out awesome.  To another Quilter, the learning curves are glaring.  The good news, they're glaring to me too.  With each quilt, project, or whatever it is any of us do, we take with us the experience of our mistakes.  That is what quilting is to me, I'm one quilt better than I was one quilt ago!  I loved making this quilt, because it was my "gateway" quilt into becoming addicted to Quilting, Fabric Art, and anything to do with it !!  I was hooked. 


"Let's Go Fishing" was a gift.  I planned to make this quilt for a one-year old birthday gift, and started before the baby was born, so of course it was special, no pressure ... but I was excited to get started!

I enjoyed all the journeys making a quilt takes us quilters through.  The PLANING, much more to think about than one can imagine.  There's pattern, theme, color, etc... .

For this quilt, I fell in love with the Attic Window pattern.  I ran across an Attic Window quilt book in a thrift shop.  Quilters love thrift shops, but most artist do, they're an anything goes place of ideas.  For a first time quilter, it was a difficult pattern to start with.  I didn't know or care at the time, this Attic Window pattern was The ONE :), and I was happy.  I had found my pattern, and my first quilt book too.  Little did I know it was the first of many, many quilt books.  Did I stalk the book shelves of thrift shops for these books?  Nope... I became an amazon consumer.  You don't save money, but you sure save time!

Next came Theme.  That was easy.  I wanted this quilt to be tropical with lots of pretty fish.  Didn't know at the time, but the babies 1-year-old theme for the birthday party would be Nemo himself!  Of course.  Some things just fall together.

Next was color.  Well blue of course with yellow accent (modern technology told us this was to be a boy!).  Great, but I knew nothing about "color value".  As I would later discover, the combinations of colors I choose, gave the Attic Window pattern no 'depth of feel', because my choices had no 'color value'.  The very 'thing' I loved about this pattern was the 3D dimension created by the design itself.  However, the wrong values would mute that look.  My Attic Window pattern combined with poor knowledge of Color Value took away from the over all impact the design was met to have.  I had to do some back peddling to recover it.  At the end of the day... and many months later this quilt found it's happy home and was the first of many I have made since.  May all your ideas work through your hands and out of your head for our loved ones to enjoy.

Happy Creating,​



Zach's 18 And Off College quilt, my first big quilt.  Snoopy really wanted this quilt, but it was going to Santa Cruz with my oldest grandson!  Photo by Me 



Taking a bow- It's all in fun, a wedding at the Kona Kai Resort in San Diego.  Happy Days ahead for Rhonda and Shane of Henderson, NV.  Quilt done in South West fashion with Rhonda's colors :)  Pattern design "Diamond Decision" by Erika Hessheimer.  Erika also showed me how to make this quilt in her Deamond Decision class given at Discount Fabric Warehouse.  Photo taken at the Kona Kai by me.  Insert/photography mix by Garrett Smith (photo of me by Garrett at Dukes on Kauai)  Confused?   So am I.



This quilt shown above (a king size), I started in April and finished mid-May 2016 for my brother Shane and Wife Rhonda, to be given on their Wedding Day.  This picture was taken just after I had finished the quilting on it, the binding still had to be done, but... overjoyed to have it nearly completed and in time to personally fly it to San Diego.  Photo by Garrett Smith





Additional Information

"Quillows", a quilt/art installation at The Mediterranean Gourmet Restaurant on Kauai's N Shore.  Shown are just a few of what has been an ongoing  Quillow extravaganza.  This project started out innocently enough, with "Mom, make a few cushions, would you?".  I think by now my dear daughter knows- nothing is simple for me, oh no... I have to find a way to Really put it in the "...it's complicated" category.  As can be seen, I've had fun with it, and will continue to add to the line-up.


The Bookshelfpillow is everyone's favorite.  Bookshelf quilts and wall hangings are popular and I would love to make a bookshelf wall hanging someday, for about a month... it would take (I imagine).  This little pillow presented many fun challenges that I hadn't done before or thought of doing.  Much of it was 'make it up as you go'.

I can see this more accurately done it what is called "paper piecing" in the quilting world, an art form of quilting that I'm about to enter into.  It would lend itself better to the making of the books on the shelf, but I was pleased with the outcome, AND had fun with the titles on the books, such as, "Tip Your Waiter" vol 3, "Bossy's Bar" and "Come here often ?" and of course, my favorite, "Have Desert".  (Photos by me- I know they have to be better  :)