24" x 16" cotton and silk fusion, pieced, applique and quilted on domestic


Aloha, I'm Lesley Morris.  Napali Treasure is a departure from the quilting I have done in the recent past.  I say recent because I have only been quilting for a couple of years now.


Land and Seascape Quilts have fascinated me into trying my hand at it. Challenging, but fun and very thought provoking having felt like I was reinventing the wheel to come up with something abstract- drawn out of the already alien world we find under sea.  Nature is art with no help from us.  To portray it, and hint at a story, whether fairy tale, lore, or lost truth, Napali Treasure pulls at our imagination. 


One of many treasures here on Kauai, the Napali Coastal Mountain Range- is magical, alluring and calls to our answered dreams in its' beauty; so beautiful, it is unreal looking- all we can do is stare in wonder.  It's my hope that I've captured a feeling, a mood, a way into a world that is unworldly as under the sea.  The mysteries under water are better kept secret and away from us.  It's enough to know it's there, and we can enjoy & cherish that.




14 x 14  December 2016

Slippers by the Sea is the first in a series of 14 x 14 quilted wall hangings that have been popularized as 'Fabric Art'.

The thread used in the waves giving them their motion is glow in the dark thread, NiteLite Extraglow by Superior Threads, and it really does glow (in the dark)!

There's many combinations of techniques and material elements in this piece too complicated to go into here.

I loved doing this piece from concept to finish, and have planned others to follow.